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DJ Psycho: Dance Floor Renegade

Who would play something like that? Where are his shoes? When Flint, Michigan’s DJ Psycho (Dezi Magby) is on deck, it doesn’t matter. Psycho is an artist whose skill and record collection has given him a unique reputation as a precise, dance floor bending madman. His quick wit, fast hand, seemingly endless stacks of records, and bare feet are the mark of a merciless performer. Psyc’s tactical, anything goes style is evident in countless multi-genre sets and guest appearances that have set ablaze countless dance floors and PA systems. No matter what kind of crowd, audiences can only expect the unexpected, then watch helplessly as he rips through countless styles and tempos with precision, control, and tact that can only come from one of the most skilled veterans on the planet. Psycho has, over the last 30 years, gained a reputation as a DJ that can rock any dance floor, in any venue, at any given time…all the while, using vinyl exclusively.

Originally trained as a multi-instrumentalist, DJ Psycho’s interest was sparked in the 5th grade by an uncle DJing at family functions, starting soon after, providing musical selection for elementary, junior high, and high school events as a youth. In 1984, Dezi co-founded “Your’z Truly”, a funk band consisting of classmates from Flint Northwestern and friends from Flint Northern High. Even while in the band, he maintained a diverse record collection and did DJ shows. Psycho studied videos from greats such as Grandmaster Flash, mix sets from Detroit legends Electrifying Mojo, Ken Collier and Jeff ‘The Wizard’ Mills, and amalgamated his own style from the techniques that he liked best. At 17, DJ Psycho first unleashed his unique mix of funk flair, hip hop turntablism, and early electro and techno precision on clubs throughout the Mid-Michigan area, quickly earning the reputation as a force to be reckoned with behind turntables.

In 1990, Psyc began working at local radio station WWCK-105.5 fm, doing intern work, voicing commercials and characters on night drive radio shows, eventually getting his own weekly mix show on Saturday nights. He also kept his foot in the streets, entering and placing in the Midwest DMC Championship in 1990, 1991, and 1993, spinning in hotspots through out the Midwest, while maintaining steady residencies in the Flint area, co-chairing some of the early rave parties in the area and doing hip-hop production and remixes for local artists. In the summer of 1997, Psyc changed tack and joined “Rev. Right Time and The 1st Cuzins of Funk”, getting love on rock radio with the “Do U Juana” album. Leaving in 2003, he soon founded Irrational Muzikwerx, joined yet another band, Funkilinium and local hip-hop group The Artful Dodgers… As a result of reaching out to different audiences and areas over the years, Psyc has spun with, opened for and befriended a diverse collection of the world’s best acts, including Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Z-Trip, Derrick May, DJ Craze, The Time, The Pharcyde, Diamond D, Drowning Pool, Fishbone, DJ Clue, Green Lantern, WAR, Roger and Zapp, Skribble, Caspa, Mix Master Mike, Parliament Funkadelic, and 420 Funk Mob. Psycho has also been recognized in such publications as, The Rolling Stone, High Times, The Detroit Free Press, Metro Times, as well as numerous features in his hometown, Flint Journal. In the last few years, Psycho has even been recognized for his talents by the Detroit Music Awards, being nominated as a hip hop DJ, electronic music DJ and winning as both a member of Rev. Right Time and Detroit Techno Militia.

Many fans of DJ Psycho may recognize him from his infamous multi-deck sets with fellow members of the Detroit Techno Militia, group which he joined in August 2006. On Christmas 2010, DJ Psycho’s musical rampage continued with the release of “Middle Finger University”, a dense masterwork of his honed skills in Hip Hop production, quickly garnering the acclaim and respect that has become the norm for him. Combining his unique taste for good music of all genres, a deep knowledge of records, and flat out skills, Psycho has consistently exhibited the capability to capture the minds of any type of music fan. Anyone in search of the genre bending, renegade style DJ Psycho has exemplified over the course of 30-plus years need to look no further than his Mixcloud mix series entitled “Friggatriskaidekaphobic Series”, which spans styles from Funk, House, 80’s and 90’s dance floor classics, to hidden classic Hip Hop gems, industrial and alternative goodies and hard techno oddities.

Fans of DJ Psycho’s Irrational Muzikwerx banner will be pleased to know that 2012 will see the re-launch of Psycho’s revered and diverse artists collective and record label, as well as continuing the free-flowing “Verbs From The Dungeon” weekly radio show, done live on W.A.R.M.T.H International Radio ( Irrational Muzikwerx aims to provide a banner that artists and friends can experiment under, allowing them to pursue musical and artistic visions and performances, and produce music that wouldn’t normally fit into their other projects or groups. With countless shows, productions, mixes, college lectures and promotions on his plate for 2012 and beyond, DJ Psycho will no doubt continue the insanity that has made him one of the Midwest’s most uniquely styled, skilled and sought-after legends in the making.

2) Nom de plume of Vince Watson, under which he does hardcore music.

3. Canadian DJ.