Dogfight - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The Jewish lawyer Dave Kleinfeld was legal representative for Turkish mafia leader Hassan Okür, who was in jail in Leeds (UK), when he received a very special request. He had to take care of a million Pounds to be given to the case judge who had refused the gangster's parole. Just a little boost that would help him reconsider his position. Even though Kleinfeld swears the transaction was a complete success, Okür's men never trusted him and, as their boss situation didn't change at all, they quickly put a price on his head. Our man's life was in serious danger, so he decided to run away from his home town to a safer place. His destination was the North of Spain, the city of Oviedo to be precise, where he didn't take too long to find some new sidekicks, most of them coming from the Mieres Crüe-a dangerous organization dealing for more than a decade with gunrunning , narcotics, extortion, and some more criminal activities-by whom Dave is currently employed. With some of those new partners in crime, and like if he was a little Sinatra, Mr Kleinfeld has set up a Rock band. Could it be a front? An original way for money laundering? Who knows? Anyway, the point is that Dave seems to be as good at performing live as he was at robbing gangsters and most are of the opinion that they kick ass. They call theirselves Dogfight, obviouslly a tribute to one of Mieres Crüe's favourite activities-illegal dog fights, encouraged by some lush gambling, of course-and nestle between Punk and Hard Rock.

Dave Kleinfeld - Vocals | Rockin ' Tampeste - Guitar | Don Marino - Guitar | Edwin Cheaptalkin 'Fidalgo - Bass | Paolo Deodato - Drums

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