Dweet Toonzip - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Dweet Toonzip is an experimental artist from Oregon, United States, created in late 2007 as a moniker for musician David Kraus.

In 2008 the Gold single was released digitally December 3rd, 2008. Taking two of its three tracks from its following album.

STARgazes [1], released in early 2010, is the first proper release by Dweet Toonzip. The album features all the tracks that had been made up to that point, some dating back to 2004. In May of 2010 a split album with experimental minimist I Feel the Earth Move was released, titled White Mountain Music. The split features 4 tracks from each Dweet Toonzip and I Feel the Earth Move, clocking at about an hour long.

Dweet Toonzip is also a collaborative musician and close friend of Cyrus Fisher of the bands Katamari Deathroll, Our Fathers Were Blind, El Cid, and the brains behind solo projects Job and fwawn.

dweettoonzip.bandcamp.com (All albums available for free download/stream in any format)