ELEKITER ROUND Φ - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Formed in 2010 in Japan, ELEKITER ROUND Φ is japanese J-Pop/rock band that consists in 日野聡 (Hino Satoshi) and 立花慎之介 (Tachibana Shinnosuke), ELEKITER ROUND Φ are signed to the japanese label Marine Entertainment.

The band was born from the radio show that finished airing early april 2013 called “Hino Satoshi vs Tachibana Shinnosuke - Heisei Nippon” on radio Kansai.

Besides Hino Satoshi and Tachibana Shinnosuke’s work on radio and with ELEKITER ROUND they’re also seiyuus (japanese voice actors) in several games and anime.

Dressed in an electric pop and epic rock with smooth lyrics this band shakes the hearts of those who listen.

Official Website: http://www.marine-e.net/sp/er0/index.html


2010 - 零ERφ

2012 - MARIA

2012 - Summer Snow

2013 - Forbidden Lover