Emerson Todd - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Originally hailing from New Zealand but raised in Australia, Emerson has enjoyed tremendous success on both sides of the Tasman and is easily the most successful DJ/Producer to come out of both countries.

In 1998 he met Christiaan Ercolano and formed House of Downtown. This quickly gathered an impressive following with the success of their weekly radio show and their debut single ‘Up For the One’, which was supported by the likes of Derrick May.

After 10 years producing and DJing, Emerson has now dedicated himself to refining his sound and cement his place at its forefront the first time.

Releasing on Trapez, Cocoon Recordings, Suruba to name a few…Having worked for both Major and Independent labels both locally and internationally, under Aliases, in Groups as well as producing and engineering for many world class acts, he has now taken the time to step out from behind the desk.