Faulty Conscience - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Faulty Conscience is a four piece punk rock band formed in Boston, MA in 2005. The lineup consists of Julian (Dreamer), Cnut, Squallie Greenthumb and Craig-zilla.

They have no love of authority, of sobriety or of people that suck worse than they do.

Chestnut is also a member of boston folk punk band The Swaggerin’ Growlers.

Free tracks can be downloaded at their offical website, www.reverbnation.com/faultyconscience.

Dreamer - Guitar & Vocals - the tall one, loves bicycles, punk, indie rock and The Smiths. This guy is the crooner.

Chestnut - Guitar & Vocals - an old school punk, ex-squatter, ex-convict with a lot to say and a great sense of humor. This guy is the screamer.

Squallie Greenthumb - Bass & Vocals - smokes more pot than you. He brings the sexy.

Couchbreaker! - Drums - will break your couch. He wrote our hit single “Pirate Song”. Ladies, have you met him?