First Black Pope - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

FIRST BLACK POPE is a brand new harsh electro–goth outfit from Italy matching hard powerful beats to malevolent and grievous atmospheres with cutting edge painful screaming voices which tell the difficult living together between sense of sin and permanent feeling of imminent catastrophe.

In 2004 they were selected by London Cryonica Records to feature on vol.3 of their celebrated sampler Cryonica Tanz with the track Evil One (fucking bastard remix) together with bands such as Inertia, Solitary Experiments, Oil 10, Namnambulu, Culture Kultür, Spetsnaz and many others. The track also take relevant position featuring in several DJ playlists worldwide.

The band has had the chance to open for bands like Ultraviolence, Pankow, Das Ich, Kirlian Camera, Rosa Crux and Inertia, gaining strong reputation for their extremely violent and blasphemous live shows with notorious bleeding penance performances.

They have also gotten brilliant reviews and big stories in magazines such as Rock Hard and Grind Zone (premiere extreme music magazine).

Taking part as special guests on the “Good & Evil” tour with Angels & Agony and “Hate Never Dies” celebration tour with Hocico, FIRST BLACK POPE are acclaimed everywhere on the net as one of the most amazing and heavy impact live acts around.

Finally the FIRST BLACK POPE is ready for spreading his cursed blessing among the new sick electro breed.