Gif Phobia - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Guglielmana Ivan Francesco aka GIF PHOBIA discovered his love for electronic music when he was really young. From that moment he started to spend a lot of time to search and listen all the possible tapes and radio programs containing that powerful vibes, in particulary the hardest side of techno.

At that point he decided to start own experiments with that screaming synths and bangin’ kicks and his informatic knowledge helped Ivan to use a lot of software tools and hardware machines during all the next years. Until finally his skill was good enough to jump in the real scene as producer of hardcore music!

On the begin of 2005, after some years as producer under G-Net/Traxtorm records, a long time of introspective analysis, planning, research and contacts, he decided to start with his personal project. So it was time to walk alone against the current and the Adverso Flumine saw the light!

Dr. Guglielmana is graduate in Faculty of Information Technology and to support the Adverso Flumine project he need to work also as an analyst and coder, but this is not the true destiny of this no-sleep man, because the music is a fundamental point in his life. He loves to produce, listen, play and dance this kind of art. Experiments with new sounds, creating fat kicks, runs into the groove, drive distortions in the right way.

So, there are again a lot of steps ahead to do, and there will be a lot of noise in the future done by Gif Phobia and his AF’soldiers because hard music is a style of life, is a state of mind and GIF PHOBIA will go on until his death!!!