Guideline - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Band Members:

Kurtulus Cabuk - Voice

Burns - Guitar

Schicki - Drums

Has - Bass

“Metal Hammer Germany nominated Guideline to “Heroes of Tomorrow” in January edition 2011

In an age of exploding information and lacking sobriety they embark on a journey with uncompromising straightness that borders on obstinacy. With bone-dry riffs, a merciless groove and the emotional voice of the lead singer, GUIDELINE is on midway between earthy Stoner Rock and powerful melodic Grunge.

The lads quickly achieved international attention with this individual recipe. Especially “Castigation Ego” which appeared on the first EP in 2008 attracted the attention of two US labels (272 Records and Quickstar Productions) and moved both of them to put the song on their worldwide released compilations in 2009.

Without a doubt, Guidelines studio work is excellent. Their live performances – ass-kickin’. This indisputable fact was proved by the fourth place at Middle-Europe’s biggest band contest, the “ABC feat. International Live Award”, with more than 1.000 participants.

Highly motivated, they intensified their efforts and created the first long player “Traveler On Midway” in cooperation with the Nuremberg producer’s team all around Christoph Binder and Christoph Beyerlein. (Release Date: 21st January 2011) The Stoner Rock influenced casualness of the album is strongly inspired by the wild and explicit Rock and Grunge sound of the last decades (particularly the nineties).

After completing the record, medial interest rises significantly. The Rock- and Metal-Webzine was like “…honest, hand-made, 100% authentic rock music, that grabs the balls.” and rated a juicy 8 out of 10. Metal Hammer Germany is also convinced of their talent and nominated Guideline to “Heroes of Tomorrow” in January edition 2011 including interview and album review.