Hektagon - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Hector Hernandez-Pascual aka Hektagon began his musical career in northern Spain as an MC and producer for hip hop act Verse Sect. He soon started to experiment with different tempos and sonic textures, creating an eclectic blend of hip hop and electronica.

Following his passion for music Hektagon decided to pursue a career in the industry and moved to London where he spent 2 years studying his trade. The move brought him together with like minded artists and catalysed his entry into the drum and bass scene - collaborating on a project called Brainstorm. Keen to spread the drum and bass message, he secured a fortnightly radio show at Virgin Megastore putting him in contact with some of his most influential producers in the scene.

A proficient DJ, he turned his attention to the clubs, playing numerous venues in London and across Europe. Hektagon began to apply the techniques he had learned to different genres. Electronica, dubstep and (most recently) breaks being the focus of his interests.