Heretic Hosehead Homicide - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

HHH was formed one dark night by unlikely companions Reitermörder and Totnorden when they met in the deep abyss. They were brought together by their undying hate of Canadians, and all things northerly.They are the first ever ACBM, or Anti-Canadian Black Metal, band.

Microsoft Sam was later added to the band, do to his ultra-gr1m vocal skills, and his canadian hating history. However he was later kicked from the band due to incompetence, and Reitermörder has taken his place as lead vocalist.

The only HHH release to date, Kill The Eh Sayers!, was released in March 2007. Heretic Hosehead Homicide has no plans for ever charging for their music.