Hisko Detria - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

A very obscure krautrock band from Frankfurt, Hisko Detria started in 1970 and is still active today. They’ve never released any record but are well-known by the krautrock die-hard fans due to the presence of Andreas Baader as bassplayer.

In 1970, Ulrich Reinter (bass), Mikael Frichter (guitar) and Karl Breitner (drums) started to jam under the name Hisko Detria.

During the summer of 1971, Andreas Baader hid within the squatting anarchist community of Frankfurt, spending his time in the basement of the Bundes-strasse 39 which hosted a rehearsing place where H.D. jammed almost on a daily-basis. After a violent fight between Ulrich Reinter and Baader (who Reinter considered to be more an idiot than an anarchist), Reinter left the band. Baader insisted to play bass. Since he had absolutely no musical talent, H.D.’s style turned into ‘’one riff/motorik rythm’’ improvised static krautrock. A few hours of jamming were recorded that summer [after the arrest of Baader, the tapes were confiscated by the german police due to the RAF-sympathy lyrics]

After Baader left Frankfurt to become what we know, the band split up before playing any gigs.

In 1975, Mikael Frichter and Karl Breitner got together to reform Hisko Detria. Breitner took the bass, Heinz Müller joined on keyboards, and the drums were given to a 10 year old French boy, Klaus Löpöti, whose mother lived in the squat. On July the 14th 1975, Hisko Detria played its one and only gig, during the Frankfurt Anarchist Fair, after which Löpöti followed his mother back to France.

In 2010, Löpöti, now living in Finland, and 3 young finns brought Hisko Detria back to life.

As in 2011, the band is still active, and still plays the ‘’one riff/motorik rythm’’ improvised static krautrock of the Baader-era.

Klaus Löpöti (drums)

Jätkä (keyboard/voice/…)

Vladimir Rajanovich (guitar/voice/…)

As a tribute the bassplayer took the name Andreas Baader.