Hypocondriacs - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

One day looking through a pile of old Lps in a used records shop I bumped into a very unusual vinyl pressing. On the cover “Hypocondriacs” could be read. Inside, next to the record, appeared a short handwritten note which said the following:

“We’re very ill, all of us. The doctors can’t seem to find what is wrong, and they’re all saying we’re perfectly fine just to avoid any complications. But we know something not right is going on. For this reason we’ve rushed getting all these recordings we made along this year of 1969 on to this vinyl pressing. The inspiration for this style of music reached us after a trip we made to England in search of a doctor that would give a cure to our illness. During our stay one day we stepped into a pub where they were performing a strange type of music which none of us had ever heard before. We asked what kind of sound it was that filled the room and the answer we got is that it was called “reggay” or “rocksteady”, something we never got to know what meaning it had. The band was composed of Jamaican inmigrants so we believe this music must belong to that far away land. On our return to Madrid, recalling that night, we decided to emulate that sound and out came these four tracks put together on this vinyl record. Due to our strange sickness we don’t know if we’ll ever get to see if this style of music catches on or if this will only end up forgotten in an old music shop’s shelf.


Madrid, 1969”

Enchanted by their music I decided to search for more info about my recent discovery. Nothing, all I have is some scribblings on the back of the note inside the record sleeve. I will keep on looking to see if one day by any chance I bump into another recording by this ensemble.