Jake the Flake - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Member of The Dayton Family, from Flint Michigan.

With a real life-story that reads like the script of Hustle and Flow, Jaqualeon “Jake the Flake” Hudson developed a penchant for survival as a youngster while witnessing his peers succumb to the pressures of poverty and the rampant saturation of illegal drugs in an area known to many as the armpit of America; Flint, Michigan.

Growing up poor did nothing but fuel Jake’s quest for the crème. With an affinity for hustling, he was already a common fixture among Flint neighborhood’s biggest players by the age of 13. Although Jake had his hand in most every aspect of the game, he managed to escape the epidemic of death and destruction around him. Making money in the streets came easy to Jake, but when he recognized that local independent rappers and producers were making some ends by grinding their music throughout Flint neighborhoods he viewed this as an opportunity to get rich and ran for it.

The smooth talking Aries had the undeniable gift of gab and started infiltrating local rap circles. He forged relationships with area artists and popular group, the Dayton Family and began to hone his lyrical skills and develop his signature-smooth, storytelling flow. In 1993, what started out as a mouthed beat box rhythm, his debut EP Out 2 Get Rich, became an underground classic. The project blew up in the Midwest hoods of Michigan , Ohio , Chicago , and in the south, gaining Jake the Flake countless loyal fans.

Subsequent releases in 1995 included appearances on Dayton Family projects which sold about a million copies, and Jake the Flake’s own album, I Don‘t need Sh*t, where all haters and backstabbers were informed that Flint’s finest was a permanent fixture in the rap game.

His first nationwide release; Jake the Flake and The Flint Thug Compilation garnered admirable reviews in 1998 with sales nearing 100,000 albums without any radio or video support. The compilation of his hometown’s tightest lyricists was followed up in 2000 with Mr. Jakafella Vol.1, showcasing Jake’s unique spin on gangsta rap and ingenious mixture of old and new school.

Over the next several years the ostentatious emcee’s fate landed him in Memphis , Tennessee which ignited his evolution from Jake the Flake to Mr. J. The mid-west native learned the ropes and polished his pimp game in the dirty south while rubbing elbows with famous players including; Don Magic Juan, Filmore Slim, Pimpin Ken, Good Game and Ju Ju. Mr. J’s innate allure with the ladies made team building easy.

The metamorphosis of Jake the Flake to Mr. J to Jakafella, the hustler is cleverly documented in the 2007 DVD Jake the Flake: Switchin the Game. Highly lauded by top hip-hop magazine Murder Dog, the project chronicles his life in the streets as a hustler, pimp, and rapper. The Switchin the Game DVD and soundtrack features appearances by Snoop Dogg, Big Daddy Kane, Don Magic Juan, Bootsy, Filmore Slim, stars from HBO’s American Pimp,Shoestring from the Dayton Family, members of the Skanbino Mob and a host of other artists, mack’s, pimps, and playas.

While Mr. J has etched his place among top international players, Jake the Flake boasts a discography and catalog containing some of the most sought after products on the circuit, having notably attracted documented bids of up to $60 on Ebay. The popular independent artist is often dubbed “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper”, has thousands of MySpace Friends and a dedicated fan base that deem him an underground legend.