James Forte - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

James Forte is the stage/professional name for Cameron James Rutherford, born 26 September, 1985. He is an accomplished, award nominated, musician, composer, and producer based in Northern Utah, USA.

He began his musical education at the age of 5, and has continued pursued his education and career in music performance and music sciences ever since.

He has been a member of several musical groups, bands, and organizations over the years, ranging from school extracurricular and competetive, to small indie bands and as a sit in member for some more noteworthy bands. He has performed in some musical aspect regularly- at least twice annually, and as much as bi-weekly- since the age of 7.

His first major performance was as the conductor of the Northridge High School (Layton, Utah, USA) Symphony Orchestra during his senior year, for his arrangement of “Furious Angels”, composed by Rob Dougan. He learned to read and write for all instruments in the symphony, and even learned to play several different instruments, so he better ubderstand and then more adequately teach the numerous parts to his peers. His education and performances have varied but have been continuous over the years.

He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the age of 21, and largely turned to music for therapy. After witnessing the healing power of music first-hand, he chose to make music his career. His ultimate goal: to create music in hope that it may help people in the way it has repeatedly helped him, and to bring happiness and joy to the lives of all who desire it.

In 2011, he composed his first full symphony, “Plumeria”, which he dedicated to his muse. One movement of “Plumeria”, “Venusian”, helped him earn a nomination for a Filmed In Utah Award in 2013, for the short film “Alter” (Light Bucket Entertainment, 2012), the music of which he also composed. He has composed music for several other short films for many projects and competetive film festivals.

In 2012 he began producing for independent local metalcore bands, but soon realized a new interest. Due to the many genres, endless oceans of creativity, and generally positive messages that the songs express, he began producing EDM.

James Forte’s emphasis in production is in Electro House and Dubstep, but ecletic and versatile, he produces a broad spectrum of genres. He is also an active DJ performer, frequently playing at clubs, shows, house parties, and concerts, and local and international radio shows.

His major influences are Jonathan Davis, Trent Reznor, John Williams, Bring Me The Horizon, Salvador Dali, and last but absolutely not least, his late grandfather, Russell Arley Church, to whom he credits most- if not all- of his artistic talent.