Jay Del Alma - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Born: 27.10.1980 Brasil

Sign of the zodiac: Scorpion

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite Music-Style: RnB, Reggeaton, Bagode, Cumbia, and Merengue

Favourite Food: Feijoada

Brothers/Sisters: One elder sister

Hobbys: Writing a song, perform live, to rule the night and sleeping

The Brasilian son of a Diplomat-family did travel quite a lot even at his young ages. For example he lived in Paraguay and Peru and so learned more and more about the different cultures. In San Juan/Puerto Rico he met Rico Caliente, with whom he founded the duo: Pachanga. In Germany Pachanga got known in 2005/2006 with two summer-hits: “Loco” and “Close To You”. These two songs were well known in every corner in Europe.

The new summer-hit “Mi Corazón” was released in July 2009 which got very fast into the tops of the charts lists in Europe.