K.Of.G - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Members K.of.G (Kingdom of Genocide), Hardcore/Metal from Amsterdam:

Throats: Paolo Escobar

Guitars en backing vocals: Pete Stoner

Bass en Backing vocals: Rico Di Napoli

Drumzz: Benedicktus

New Album is out! Into The Blood, The Lies And The Hatred (Free download!!!) ***DOWNLOAD PAGE

Back to the front!

After having notorious bands like Hectic ‘99, Mephitic, Headfirst and U-kroyzz in their coat of arms, four comrades decided to establish Kingdom of Genocide in the summer of 2009

With the background of the Amsterdam underground metal scene as a weapon and a healthy dose of musical ammunition, it was clear from the start what direction the barrage of this band would be. Obscure bands from the ’80s such as Carnivore, Wehrmacht and S.O.D. have had a major impact on the sound. The metal and hardcore that Kingdom of Genocide plays is vicious, loud and full of aggression. Titles like Napalm … we spray it like a shower, Threads and Retaliatory Strike speaks for themselves.

These massacres were recorded in the sinister Dr. Satan studio and found on the first demo CD entitled:

“Into The Blood, The Lies And The Hatred”

So put on those gasmasks and visit the nearest shelter as panzer division KofG is rolling towards the frontline!