Lance Herbstrong - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The movement known as Lance Herbstrong.

Through stream-of-consciousness aural atmospherics, Lance Herbstrong takes you on a trip, sustaining musical momentum with sonic layers propelling the rhythms. The result is music that is ethereal and organic, of the air and of the earth, and always moving. The nation’s most esteemed climate change scientists described their first Lance Herbstrong show as a ‘motherf—-ing Fun Bomb that just goes off inside you.’

Conceived in the fertile soil of the secret compost garden behind the Temple of Ra, founding member Kamal Soliman was born attuned to the natural rhythms of the universe. His talent for weaving the sounds of the inner world with the outer world through an electronic collective consciousness came early. As a youth he moved through the B-Boy scene, popping and locking with the best, until his belief that all musical forces should join as one moved him from the dance floor to the studio. It was in the studio one day soon after, that the Lance Herbstrong path was laid out to Kamal. In a cloud of smoke, an ancient sorcerer appeared and instructed Kamal to combine his golden ear with the talents of one Bill Sarver, the greatest undiscovered beatmaker West of the Mississippi. Before the sorcerer left, he entrusted Kamal and Bill with a magic maraca, capable of bringing even the worst of dancers to get up and cut rug. From that day on, the duo would channel their power through a series of mashups and remixes, all of which were released to critical acclaim. Creating dubby landscapes isn’t without cost, as Kamal is quick to point out, “Many plants have been sacrificed in the making of this music.”

After serving a short house arrest sentence for pirating Kraftwerk 8-tracks, Bill Sarver was just another down on his luck carny with a pocketful of broken dreams. Then, late one full-mooned night, a fortune-telling lady looked into her crystal ball and foresaw a great change coming in his life. After she fell asleep, Bill stole her crystal ball and pawned it for a mixer. His life hasn’t been the same ever since. Bill has done programming for industrial metal acts 16volt, Scum of the Earth, and Soak. When he is not working with Lance Herbstrong, Bill is choreographing a dance battle he hopes will be used in “Spider Man the Musical.”

When he was learning to play the guitar, Peter DiStefano’s music teacher said he’d “give his right nut to play with Perry Farrell.” Being young and a bit too literal, Pete did exactly that. “It was definitely worth it,” Pete said after joining Farrell to create Porno For Pyros. “In fact, I’d do it again, if, you know, I’d been born with three nuts. I wasn’t.” While many people know Pete has released several solo albums and collaborated with groups such as Stone Temple Pilots, few know of Pete’s song writing skills. When he was only seven, Pete wrote the lyrics “Hump-backed, grossed-out freaks like us, baby, we’ve got the runs,” and sent them to Bruce Springsteen. The Boss has yet to give Pete credit.

Joining Lance Herbstrong for live sets are percussionists Ricky Gonzalez and Frank Orrall. When not playing for the Chicago Afrobeat Project and other bands in need of superior drumming, Ricky prefers to spend his time in a Panic Room eating Cheese Poofs. Frank, of Thievery Corporation and Poi Dog Pondering fame, has written over 100 hymns for Sarah Palin.

Together, they create the movement known around the world as Lance Herbstrong. Listen to their layered sounds and the connected grooves. Let it get into your orifices. Your day will be better.

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