Larry Bartley - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

In recent years, bass player Larry Bartley has risen to become a prominent member of the London jazz scene. He studied at Goldsmith College from 1988 - 1991 with Howard Riley and Laurence Couty. Larry Bartley’s presence can be felt through his identifiable sound and through his deep commitment to music.

Larry Bartley has worked with bands led by Courtney Pine, Jean Toussaint, Denys Baptiste,Cleveland Watkiss, Byron Wallen ,Steve Williamson, Julian Joseph, AndySheppard, Soweto Kinch, Juliet Roberts, Alex Wilson and Robert Mitchellas well as backing visiting musicians such as Stanley Turrentine and Steve Grossman. Larry Bartley has also on the stage of the Royal Opera House with dancer Sharon Wrey’s.

Larry Bartley’s playing is featured on many recordings by some of London’s best-known jazz players.