las comadrejas - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Las Comadrejas are from Mexico City. They mix psychedelic surf rock with various folk styles, kept together with a deranged sense of humor.

“Las Comadrejas born the day George Harrison died, after the split up of one of the seminal underground freak bands from Mexico City: Los Esquizitos. They did 3 records and were a big influence for the actual scene in the country. Las Comadrejas begun with the 3 members of Los Esquizitos: Carlos Icaza, Nacho Disorder and The Young Alex. The singer Uili Damage did a project wih his girlfriend called Flanger Garden. Las Comadrejas did its first record in 2001. It was a desolating record where minimal rock and roll meets reggae, country and bluegrass and lots of heavy humor.”