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Leah Orlikowski is a Acoustic Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter from Conifer, CO, United States in 2006.

Leah’s vocals have bluesy tendencies, strong and steady with a bit of softness, clear with a bit of smoke. Her guitar work is obliged to get out of the way of vocals, backing off when need be or dropping out all together. Leah’s songwriting paints vivid pictures to help the audience see what they are hearing.

Leah says about herself: “I got my start when I came out of the womb and cried to the beautiful music of life…or so it’s romantic to say. However, I do know that my love affair with music started very young, my father being a catalyst. My father a musician himself and a lover of all types of music, introduced me to some of the greatest music ever made. I started singing with my dad when I was about 12 at parties for our friends and found my voice and confidence this way.

Throughout high school I sang in choir and musicals but didn’t begin playing an instrument until I was 18. For my 18th birthday, my Uncle Phil (my dad’s brother) made me my first guitar. Along with my voice, this guitar would serve as the vehicle for the musical adventures to come.

I continued to practice and write, working odd jobs at first and then finally a series of short lived waiting jobs to make the bills. I always felt as if i didn’t have time for music, coming home from work feeling creatively bereft and knowing that the love of my life (music) was being stifled. After being layed off from what was my 8th waiting job, I decided I wasn’t going back to the 9-5 at all. I grabbed my guitar and went down to the 16th street mall in Denver to see what I could make busking (street performing). I ended up making 100 bucks in an hour and decided to take this as a sign.

Throughout that summer I continued to busk, sleeping on a couch in a house full of rowdy musicians and having the time of my life. Soon it turned cold and I thought I should take the music where it was warm”.

On May 1, 2010, Leah Orlikowski threw a CD release party for her debut album, Shaking Hands With Love & Death. It is a 11 song album highlighted among other songs by St. James Infirmary Blues. Leah says about her album: “This album would be best described as reminders to the soul. Each song has it’s own character and expression of emotion and was recorded not just for listening pleasure but also to remind you to look deeper into your own mind and way of being in this life.”

Currently, Leah Orlikowski is spending the summer of 2012 as the headliner at the Mojito Bay Tiki Bar at Put In Bay, Ohio.

Leah’s Muscial Interest: “Making people happy and making a living doing it=)”

Leah’s Greatest Influence: “Ani Difranco has been one of my greatest influences for the obvious reasons: She’s an incredible songwriter, Guitarist, music pioneer, activist and business woman. She’s a righteous babe!”

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