Lil V - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Take everything you’ve ever known about Females in Hip-Hop and throw it out the window. Your about to meet Lil’ V, and she’s about to turn your world upside down.

Most people say “Girls are made up of sugar, spice and everything nice”. As far as LiL’ V is concerned, thats Bullshit, especially when your a female artist coming up in the Hip Hop game. Rising from the Underground with ambition and determination like no other, Lil’ V strives to be on top of the music industry. With rhymes laced with topics ranging from Conspiracy, Wrestling, Aliens, Blunts, Hidden Government Agenda and exposing the bullshit of the world in general, Lil’ V has passion, knowledge and Truth behind every lyric she spits.

Anyone who hears V’s music either loves her or hates her, there’s no in-between. A self proclaimed Truth Seeker, V is never afraid to do whatever it takes to spread her message to the masses, no matter who gets offended along the way. V made her debut with her Mixtape “Sicknasty Volume 1” in August of 2009, and has never showed signs of slowing down; constantly doing shows and releasing new music ever since. Currently, she’s working on her biggest project to date, HEEL TURN, which will be available this summer.

A Lil’ V performance is something everyone needs to experience Live. Having performed in venues across the country, with experience in front of crowds ranging in size and genre, V has the unique ability to appeal to a wide variety of people, and Entertain like only she can. In a Hip-Hop world full of boring stage shows with bored head-nodding zombie “fans”, V stands in a league all her own. Watch the first track and your eyes will be glued to the stage for the rest of her set.

So Love her or Hate Her, V doesn’t care. She’ll still continue to spread the truth how only she can. If your not down, you just Fucked Up.