Martist - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Martist has studied music since he was four years old. When he was six, he was admitted to the first class - piano profile by prof. Antonina Boneva - at the National School of Music - city of Sofia, Bulgaria. He took part in a lot of concert performances of the National School of Music. He was invited as a guest at charity concerts initiated by different cultural institutions and civil organizations. He has been a laureate of numerous national and international competitions.

2001 - He ranked first at the entrance examination, and was admitted to the National Academy of Music - piano profile by prof. Stella Dimitrova - Maistorova.

2002 He was granted a scholarship by the Ministry or Education entitling him to specialize in Poland where his interest in composing was stirred. The same year his serious attempts at composing began. Martist produced various musical compositions, set up a group of musicians and together they often performed some of his pieces in elite clubs in Sofia as well as in other towns in Bulgaria.

2004 Martist won a diploma and took the sixth place at the Top-ten of 2004 Yamaha Production Contest with the song “Dance of Butterflies”. He signed a contract with “Pinnacles Record Company” for the production of 4 of his songs.

Some of his songs reached the first places at the charts.

2006-2008 Martist composed songs for his band and they recorded an album and the band made a tour in Bulgaria with great success.

2009 Martist released his first album Endless Love - Relaxing music for meditation and stress relief, which is available for download on iTunes; Amazon and many other major internet stores.

2010 Martist and his Band “Monyx” reached top 10 in MTV with the song “Coffee is Over” .

2010 Martist released his second album Seasons of Passions - Relaxing piano music, which is also available in every major store.