Mindwave - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

We are surrounded by all the communication opportunities technology has to offer. However, as humankind had progressed and became more urbanized, it lost something on the way. The more we moved away from nature, we lost the natural gifts that were given to us, such as the ability to mediate without words, what some call telepathy. Most people do not even realize what they have lost, while others who experience the last remaining of it call it “luck”. But some people never gave up; they saw an even bigger picture – the ability to communicate with huge amount of people at once with a Mindwave. This particular wave is transformed through divine music that curves a special tunnel of communication where the language or the country from which you arrive does not matter. The only thing that does matter is your ability to let go, open your mind and surrender to the music.

Mindwave, the person who revived this telepathic force, is Anton Maiko, originally from Russia, who immigrated to Israel in 1991. He fell in love with electronic music when he was 6 years old, through his older brother. Names like The Prodigy, Scooter and later on MFG and Astral Projection and Cosma inspired his understanding that these beats, especially when they don’t have traditional lyrics, can transcend to huge crowds. Already at the age of 13, he started to play the keyboard trusting his intuitions and teaching himself, while exploring new methods of composition. A few years after that he wanted to improve his sound skills and studied at BPM School, for a more refined sound.

His Psytrance-Progressive magic was revealed in his debut album Escape from Reality in 2009, which was released at Phonokol. It was a rare and unique demonstration of superb music that opened a channel of communication that lasts till this day. A year after, in 2010, Mindwave released his 2nd album Awaken, which made an even wider path towards people across the world. Before releasing his 3rd album in 2012, Concept of Freedom, Maiko conducted a thorough field research in order to reach the highest level of connection between his mind and the crowd’s mind. His report can be heard in this album, where various interpretations of Freedom can be heard, felt and danced. People across the globe have already experienced these sensations in various festivals such as O.Z.O.R.A Festival (Hungary), Vuuv Experience (Germany), Aurora (Greece), Spiritual Healing (Austria), Boom (Portugal) and many more.

So whether you are in the city, nature, island or boat, it is time to discover a sense you have lost, an extension of your human abilities that was just waiting to be used. The way to reach it is through Mindwave.