Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Miss Alex White hails from the backyards, gutters and smoke-filled hideouts of Chicago. The formula for her music is simple enough – two guitars, a drummer, and a voice. The songs have familiar roots: spinning around the living room to the Who as a kid, driving down I-90 blasting the Modern Lovers, dancing to Ike and Tina instead of studying, waking up to “1969” every day for a month. At the same time, her music is a perfect example of taking elements of what has come before and creating something raw, unique, and intriguing. You get two, maybe three chord numbers that shimmy and skid over punk and blues – c’mon, it’s rock’n’roll – with a dose of broken soul to create a sound that’s altogether lovely and terrifying. Backing her up are Wes and Fast Eddie of the Clone Defects. Rising up out of a whirlwind lifetime full of scraped knees, battered hearts, and sweet revenge, Alex has a dirty bomb lodged where her voice box is supposed to be. She’ll make you wanna cry, fight, and dance and she’ll never reveal just how she does it. Get on your feet, listen up, let your jaw drop, let your hips shake – maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get it.