Mor Avrahami - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Mor Avrahami is 19 years old, he lives in Israel in Beer-Sheva city.

he started his music career when he was young man,

with the time, Mor Avrahami succeed to do great things, he do gigs and even produce music: House/Dance/Tribal/Electro and more, his music announced in all over the world.

Mor Avrahami has produced remixes for some great singers of the House scene such as: Suzanne Palmer, Offer Nissim feat. Maya, Deborah Cox, Jeanie Tracy, Amuka and much more.

Today, Mor works as a Resident DJ at the “Forum Club Beer Sheva”,

Mor’s leading the “Hamshush” line (Thursday evening) every week,

“Forum Club Beer Sheva” considered for the best club in Israel country.