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MYNAME (Korean: 마이네임; Japanese: マイネーム; stylized as MYNAME) is a South Korean boy band signed under H2 Media. Created by former Fly to the Sky member Hwanhee, the group consists of five members: GunWoo, InSoo, SeYong, JunQ, and ChaeJin. They released their debut single "Message" (메시지; Mesiji) in October 2011.



On July 30, 2011, former Fly to the Sky member Hwanhee announced that he would be debuting an idol group. The five members of the group, dubbed "Hwanhee Boys" at the time, were trained by Hwanhee for two years; he acted as their vocal trainer and record producer. The group was set to debut between September and October of that year.

While in middle school, SeYong was a trainee for JYP Entertainment for three years, starting from 2007. He left due to "personal issues" and later joined Hyun Agency. SeYong then went on to star in the KBS drama I Believe in Love. InSoo auditioned for Superstar K2 in 2010. The show featured his studies as a dance major in university as well as a visit from his high school friend, MBLAQ leader Seungho, who gave him advice and encouragement before his audition.

My Name was given a reality show on SBS MTV titled Ta-Dah It's My Name. The pilot episode aired on October 25, 2011, and the program began to be regularly aired on November 5. On October 26, 2011, the music video teaser for My Name's debut single, "Message" (메시지; Mesiji) was released. The full music video was released the following day.

After wrapping up promotions for "Message" by performing an acoustic version with indie duo Rooftop Moonlight, My Name made a cameo appearance on the KBS drama Dream High 2 in January 2012.

Hello & Goodbye and Japanese Debut

H2 Media first announced the group's comeback on May 16, 2012 as well as the official fan name for the group, 'MYgirl."

My Name released the music video for "Hello & Goodbye" on May 31, 2012 as the title track for the 1st Single Album which was released the next day. Actress Son Eun-seo co-starred in the video. Their preparations and promotions for the album as well as their preparations for their Japanese debut were chronicled on a new season of SBS MTV's Diary which premiered on June 25, 2012.

My Name officially made their Japanese debut with the release of a single album featuring a Japanese version of "Message" on July 25, 2012. It was accompanied by a brand new music video for the song as well as a music video for the original Japanese track, "Summer Party." They held a debut showcase at the Shibuya-AX in Tokyo with 2,000 fans in attendance. In August, the group became the first male models for Japanese swimwear brand San-ai.

The group would release their 2nd Japanese single "What's Up" on November 21, 2012 with music videos for the title track and a Japanese version of "Hello & Goodbye." The group drew 5,000 fans to their first solo concerts in Japan in Osaka and Tokyo on December 15 and 17, 2012 respectively.

Return to Korea and First Japanese Album

After being pushed back from an October 2012 release, My Name released their 2nd Single Album on January 25, 2013 with the title track "그까짓거 (Just That Little Thing)." The group successfully held their first solo Korean concert on March 3, 2013 at the Interpark Art Center in Seoul.

Also continuing activities in Japan, the group's MYNAME W Kitchen cooking show premiered on January 7, 2013 on Tokyo MX. Co-hosted by AKB48’s Nagao Mariya, the show aimed to introduce Korean food to the Japanese audience.

On March 28, 2013, My Name released their first full length Japanese album entitled "We Are MYNAME" with the title track "We Are the Night" and ranked 3rd on the Oricon Daily and Weekly Chart. In support of the release, My Name staged sold out concerts in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo on May 18, 19 and 25, 2013 respectively.

Baby I'm Sorry, First Mini Album

H2 Media announced a July 2013 comeback with the release of the group's first mini album and the production of a 500 million won music video and short film for the title track "Baby I'm Sorry." Filmed in Busan, the music video is inspired by the 2001 Korean film Friend about a group of friends who get sucked into the world of back-alley gangs. Directed by Zany Bros, the music video featured actor Yu Oh-seong (who starred in Friend) and Mixed martial arts fighters Choo Sung-hoon and Kim Donghyun. H2 Media plans to enter the 30-minute short film version of the music video to film festivals.

The music video was released on July 4, 2013 and was rated 19+ for violence. The group released the full mini album to online music sites and made their comeback performance on M! Countdown the same day.

The physical album, released July 9, 2013, topped both the Hanteo and Gaon charts, ranking #1 with the initial printing of 20,000 units selling out and another 20,000 copies also selling fast. Making their first performance on KBS' Music Bank on July 19, 2013, "Baby I'm Sorry" debuted at #5, the group's highest ever position on the countdown.

The group also guest starred on Episode 8 of the Tooniverse mystery/children's series Thunderstruck Stationery on September 12.

Day by Day, Japanese Film Debut and Shirayuki

My Name recruited Lee Hyun Do of the legendary Korean hip hop duo Deux for their third single album. Lee, under the stage name D.O, wrote, composed and featured in "Day by Day," the album's hip hop and R&B title track.

The single album and music video for "Day by Day" were released online October 11, 2013, with the physical album released on October 14.

The group first performed the song on Arirang TV's Simply K-Pop on October 7 while making comeback performances on KBS' Music Bank and SBS' Inkigayo the following weekend.

On September 23, the trailer for My Name's first Japanese film Shinokubo Story was released online. The film, released on November 16, 2013, tells the story of five young Korean men from different walks of life who are scouted to be part of a potential K-Pop group from the Shin-Ōkubo neighborhood of Tokyo.

In addition to their film debut, My Name released their next Japanese single entitled "Shirayuki" on November 20 and debuted at #6 on the daily Oricon chart and #7 on the weekly chart with sales of 25,263 albums. The music video was released on November 2. The single album includes "Sha La La" which was used as the opening and ending theme for live broadcasts of the July 2013 National High School Baseball Championship in Japan as well as in television commercials for Aoyama Mainland.

Second Japanese Album

My Name held concerts in Tokyo and Osaka for their "Hands Up" tour on January 12 and 13, 2014, respectively in preparation for the release of their second full-length Japanese album entitled "Five Stars."

The music video for the lead single off the album, "F.F.Y," was released on February 19 with the album itself released online on March 19 and physically on March 26, 2014. The album sold 19,473 physical copies on its first day of release and ranked 2nd on the Oricon daily chart.

The group also sings the theme song "Take Me to the Moon" for the Toei Company film Taekwondo Soul - Rebirth (テコンドー魂~REBIRTH) released February 15, 2014.


Stage name Birth name Date of Birth
Romanized Hangul Romanized Hangul
InSoo 인수 Kang In-Soo 강인수 (1988-03-10) March 10, 1988
GunWoo 건우 Lee Gun-Woo 이건우 (1989-01-30) January 30, 1989
SeYong 세용 Kim Se-Yong 김세용 (1991-11-20) November 20, 1991
JunQ 준Q Kang Jun-Kyu 강준규 (1993-08-09) August 9, 1993
ChaeJin 채진 Chae Jin-Seok 채진석 (1995-12-26) December 26, 1995

Korean discography

Digital singles

Year Album information Peak chart positions
Track listing
2011 "Message"
  • Released: October 27, 2011
  • Language: Korean
  • Length: 11:18
  • Label: H2 Media
  1. "Message" (메시지; Mesiji)
  2. "Message" (메시지; Mesiji) (acoustic version)
  3. "Message" (메시지; Mesiji) (instrumental)


Year Album information Peak chart positions
Track listing
2012 "My Name 1st Single"
  • Released: May 1, 2012
  • Language: Korean
  • Length: 13:40
  • Label: H2 Media
  • Sales: 7,919+
  1. "Say My Name (Intro)"
  2. "Hello & Goodbye"
  3. "Replay"
  4. "Girlfriend"
  5. "I'll Forget... (Outro)" (잊을게) featuring Hwanhee
2013 "My Name 2nd Single"
  • Released: January 25, 2013
  • Language: Korean
  • Length: 12:49
  • Label: H2 Media
  • Sales : 14,576+
  1. "Scream My Name (Intro)"
  2. "Just That Little Thing (그까짓거)"
  3. "Astonished (어이없어)"
  4. "Crush On You (끌리잖아)"
  5. "Dream.. (Outro)"
"My Name 3rd Single"
  • Released: October 11, 2013
  • Language: Korean
  • Length: 14:02
  • Label: H2 Media
  • Sales : 11,357+
  1. "Intro (It's Gonna Be Alright)"
  2. "Day by Day" featuring D.O/Lee Hyun Do
  3. "지울수없는 (Memory)"
  4. "U-Turn"
  5. "Outro (Goodbye)"
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.

Mini albums

Year Album information Peak chart positions
Track listing
2013 "My Name 1st Mini Album"
  • Released: July 4, 2013
  • Language: Korean
  • Length: 22:27
  • Label: H2 Media, LOEN Entertainment
  • Sales: 35,779+
  1. Baby I’m Sorry
  2. In My Place
  3. Let Me Cry
  4. 그래 바로 너야 (You're The One)
  5. Luv Taker
  6. Baby I’m Sorry (Inst.)

Japanese discography

Japanese Singles

Year Information Tracklisting Peak chart positions Sales
JPN Oricon Daily JPN Oricon Weekly JPN Oricon Monthly Billboard Japan Hot 100

"Message (Japanese Ver.)"

  • Released: July 25, 2012
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: H2 Media, Yoshimoto R and C
7 14 43 12,433 (Weekly)

14,521 (Monthly)
17,630 (Overall)

"What's Up"

  • Released: November 21, 2012
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: H2 Media, Yoshimoto R and C
5 9 24 85 12,948 (Daily)
19,366 (Weekly)
21,389 (Monthly)
22,741 (Overall)


  • Released: November 20, 2013
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: H2 Media, Yoshimoto R and C
6 7 26 (Daily)
25,263 (Weekly)
26,746 (Monthly)

Japanese Albums

Year Information Tracklisting Peak chart positions Sales
JPN Oricon Daily JPN Oricon Weekly JPN Oricon Monthly Billboard Japan Hot 100


  • Released: March 28, 2013
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: H2 Media, Yoshimoto R and C
3 3 20,787 (Daily)

27,813 (Weekly)
TBA (Monthly)
TBA (Overall)


"Five Stars"

  • Released: March 26, 2014
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: H2 Media, Yoshimoto R and C
2 5 21 19,473 (Daily)

30,081 (Weekly)
31,960 (Monthly)
TBA (Overall)



  • 2011: I Believe in Love (KBS) - Seyong as Lee Seong Min
  • 2012: Dream High 2 (KBS) - Episode 1 Cameo
  • 2013: Thunderstruck Stationary Store (Tooniverse) - Episode 8 Guest Stars

Reality shows

  • 2011: Ta-Dah! It's MYNAME Real Story (SBS MTV)
  • 2012: Diary (SBS MTV)
  • 2013: MYNAME W Kitchen (Tokyo MX)
  • 2013: MYNAME is MYNAME (Online)


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