Näd Mika - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Näd Mika is an electrotrash/electro punk genderswitchmachine on tour! Touring and performing now since 2 years with her friends in Germany

and also around Europe in big cities like: Istanbul, Madrid, Stockholm, Zurich, Brussles, Copenhagen and so on………….

The sound which reminds alternative genres such as Electro Avantgarde, Gender Punk and Pop Destruction hits you in rough and raw mastered way.

Perversion and not perfection is very important in order to understand her.

The first release“Electronic Beat Bitch” was sold out.

But you can easily find her mp3’s in different online shops.

A remix edition of her album was release during late 2007.

NÄD MIKA’s live performances are well known now as trash and sticky orgys she does with murdering dance sound and pushing the crowd to the limit and leaving them wanting more.

Most of the time you see her live with her sexy girl Cameltoe Supreme or sometimes even with a band.

They go crazy on stage and use anything to make themselves and you feel sticky.

Like artificial blood, champagne and superglue…

Don’t miss the queer Punktrashshow of your life!

In December 07 NÄD MIKA releases her remix album “Kopfsprudelbad” !

Watch out!

Releases :

„Julie was a whore lep“ vinyl (Dictation of Brady Records DE) 2005

“Electronic Beat Bitch” CD (Eigenvertrieb) 2006

“Girlfriend” the remixes vinyl KP Productions dec 2006

„Schizomatic ep“ vinyl feb 2007 on Vokuhila Rec.

“Kopfsprudelbad remix cd” dec 2007 (Electroreptil rec)


“Julie was a whore lep” CD/vinyl “Electric Pop 2” (Neuton DE) 2005

“Too Intennse” CD “Berlin Insane” (Pale Music DE) 2006

“Electronic Beat Bitch“ CD „Placeres Culpables“ (Dinero Rosa rec. MEX) 2006

“Special kick” feat.Houston Bernard CD „Placeres Culpables“ (Dinero Rosa rec. MEX) 2006

„Konsumterrornetzwerk“ “Wir hören nicht mit der Scheisse auf,… CD (www.rilrec.de) 2006

“Schizomatic” CD sampler Elektroclub Vol.2 (Universal) 2007



“WARNING! As Nad Mika lyrically vomits sexual innuendos in an absurdly stereotypical German accent, listeners may inexplicably find themselves dancing naked in front of mirrors while smearing whip-cream on their roommates.”

some live! actions:

Zwischenfall Bochum DE

Open Air „WeArtSatisFashion“ Essen DE

Tanzpalast im Schauspielhaus Bochum DE

FZW Dortmund DE

Rocket Ride Dortmund DE

Hotel Shanghai Essen DE

BANG! Oberhausen DE


Monophobia Berlin DE

Bahnhof Langendreer Bochum DE

Genderterror AZ Mülheim DE

Bader Deinhoff Berlin DE

Pretty Vacant Düsseldorf DE

King Kong Club Berlin DE

Lovelite Berlin DE

Luna Bar Münster DE

AZ Mülheim+ Lesbians On Ecstacy DE

Din A Queer Münster DE

Golden Gate Berlin DE

Sonic Ballroom Köln DE

Get addicted! Kulturpalast Wiesbaden DE

NBI Berlin DE

White Trash Berlin DE

Kinzo Club Berlin DE

ExZess Frankfurt+ Screamclub DE

Copenhagen Queer Festival DK

Queer as Pop Paris FR

Europride OSLO NO


The George Dublin IE

Nuit Blanch 06 Brussel BE

Club Nature Madrid ES

Dirty Club Istanbul TUR

Stockholm Pride SE

Debaser Stockholm SE

Megaherz Budapest HU

La Java Paris FR