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Nick Holder is an underground hip-hop and house music deejay and producer from Toronto, Canada.

Holder began DJing in the early 1980s, and soon became influenced by the Detroit techno scene and DJs such as Derrick May and Carl Craig. He owns records labels DNH Records (house) and Treehouse Records (hip-hop), and has been producing music since 1991. In this period he has produced over 60 records. He has also produced music for labels like: Studio !K7 where he produced 2 albums One Night In The Disco and Still On Track, Jinxx records, Poker flat recordings, Stickman records, Ministry of Sound, Peppermint Jam, Definitive recordings, and NRK Sound Division. Holder's recording work spans house sounds through to disco loops and minimal Chicago style. Holder's single Da Sambafrique propelled him to cult producer status, a Latin track played by DJs all over the world. This record was to set the precedent for Holder's critically acclaimed album on NRK Sound Division, From Within and spawned two underground classics; Trying To Find Myself and I Once Believed In U.

Born in Canada (Parents from Guyana South America)



  • One Night in the Disco (1997) Studio !K7
  • Still On Track (1998) Studio !K7
  • From Within (1999) NRK recordings
  • Underground Alternatives (2000) NRK recordings
  • Deep in the Underground: 1994-2000 (2001) Hot JWP
  • The Other Side (2003) NRK recordings
  • The Other Mixes (2004) NRK recordings
  • Other Mixes & The Other Side (2005) Open/Mosr
  • Nrk Singles Vol.9: Mixed By Nick Holder (2008) NRK recordings
  • Black Jazz (2008) DNH Records
  • Trackheadz SPG

Holder has also contributed to numerous compilation albums, including Latin House, and contributed eight of the thirteen tracks on the 1997 Best of DNH retrospective.


  • "Don't Go Away" (1996) Studio !K7
  • "Da Sambafrique" (1999) Studio !K7
  • Trying To Find Myself: Remixes (1999)
  • Hustlers Vol 2 (2000)
  • Alternative Remixes Vol.1 (2001) NRK Recordings
  • Alternative Mixes vol. 2 (2001) NRK Recordings
  • "Summer Daze" (2001)
  • On My Mind: Ian Pooley Mixes (2003) NRK Recordings
  • The Other Mixes vol. 2 (2004)
  • No More Dating Devon Boys (2004) NRK Recordings
  • Erotic Illusions of a Totnes G EP (2006) Poker Flat Recordings
  • "Sometimes I'm Blue" Studio !K7
  • "Time I Spent in Torbay" (2008) NRK feat. Sasha


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