Old Season - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Old Season is a Heavy Metal band hailing from the hallowed green pastures of Éireann. The band has been in existence in some form or another for a very long time under various different guises but only in the last few years, a truly stable line-up has been forged. Taking their cue from the masters of old Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Manowar, Candlemass and Judas Priest, intertwining that with the haunting, atmospheric depth of 90’s European Metal stalwarts such as Amorphis, Therion, Tiamat and Gods Tower and creating a unique sound in todays scene, neither retro nor contemporary, simply Old Season classic, atmospheric Irish Heavy Metal. The bands new cd Volume One… was finally be released in July 05 to much anticipation from both fans and press. Many overwhelming reviews have already been received including a Band of the Month accolade from well-known web-zine The Metal Observer. Since the recording the band has played many shows throughout Ireland including a full Irish tour with Latvian Folk Metalers Skyforger, triumphant support slots with US Metal Legends Brocas Helm and Slough Feg and have given rousing performances up and down the country. The release of Volume One will see the band back on the road for extensive gigging in support of its release. The self produced debut disc will offer a portal to the listener into the vast world of Old Season, ferocious heaviness, beautifully sung melodic Heavy Metal vocals, eerie and haunting keys, and a True Metal spirit, rarely found in today’s scene. With this behind them and a lot more planned the time has come for Old Season to bring their unique take on Heavy Metal to a new level Following on from the success of Volume One, Old Season made their international debut, joining their Swordbrothers Battleroar for the launch of their second album in Athens. This show cemented the already special relationship Old Season share with their Greek fans and be the first of many visits to the sacred lands of ancients Hellas. Most recently, Old Season shared a stage with Obituary and Samael in Dublin’s Temple Bar Music Centre.