Passenger Action - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

“Been there, done that” may be a fitting tag for this assemblance. A cast of four that, although involved in different projects until now, have been at the forefront of Canada’s punk rock scene for as long as a decade. Shawn Moncreiff and Clay Shea just recently wrapped up a 13 year run in Choke, a band that has more or less created (and define) the term tech-rock. Playing faster and harder than anyone at the time these boys have inspired people accross the globe, and trailblazed for many acts that have followed. Ryan (Pud) Podlubny most recently was with Toronto’s The Fullblast. Playing on the Short Controlled Bursts record, touring with Rise Against, Alexisonfire, Boys Night Out, As Tall as Lions, and shooting a video for the record filled up most his time with them. Prior to that he was playing bass in Detroit’s fordirelifesake. Allan Harding’s home of Wadena, Saskatchewan, had him start off in family/wedding bands very young. He went on to play a variety of instruments in some 41 acts and is most noted for Edmonton’s now defunct Thirty Nights of Violence.

Passenger Action was formed in September of 2006. A natural chemistry fueled the writing of their Debut EP entitled Acoustic Blueprints, which was independently released in the summer of 2007. Having recorded with Braden Sustrik and the record mixed and mastered by Greg Dawson (of Moneen and The End repute), these boys are confident this first offering has picked up where their previous endevours have left off.

Already having toured with the likes of Moneen, Ghosts of Modern Man, and Attack in Black… Passenger Action has come out strong is poised to run with this momentum.