Patric Catani - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Patric Catani (born Patric Krämer, 6th December, 1976 in Cologne, Germany) is the performing name of German Breakcore/Hip Hop producer.

in 1991 he began Using a C64 Computer and ‘ripping’ the music out of old arcade games His first Hardcore/Techno/Gabba record in the 1992, aged 16 was made on a Amiga 500 after dropping out of school to join the rave scene. He firstly released music under the name E de Cologne, and a few more pseudonyms. His early work was influential to a lot of other Experimental and Breakcore oriented bands and musicians.

He moved from Cologne to Berlin and started the band EC8OR with Gina V. D’Orio. With Ec8or he toured the States and Japan and was quite succefull releasing records on labels like Praxis, Digital Hardcore Recordings, Mille Plateaux and Grand Royal. Patric also worked with Bomb 20 and Mocky as the Puppetmastaz.

Another solo project is Candie Hank described as “A grotesque entertainment show with no limit, a collision of Rock’n Roll, Moog influenced but harsh synthscapes breakcore but Belly Dance Punk and Gabba like Proto Pop.” Most of his tracks under the names Patric Catani, Patric C and EC8OR are released on Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore Recordings, also home to fellow Puppetmasta Bomb 20.

Like most past and present DHR artists, Patric Catani has parted ways with Digital Hardcore Recordings stating that he feels the label has gone into too much of a commercial direction and later has known to have posed in a coffin with a DHR hoodie further stating how he feels about the label . His band EC8OR are also an indefinite hiatus, although Patric and Gina have been to callobrate on 2 different occasions (playing a one off liveshow in Dresden in 2005, and another project called A*Class).