Phizzle - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Phizzle is a mobile marketing technology platform that allows its users to connect with their audiences via mobile interactivity. Phizzle has a strong Sports/Entertainment Industry focus with clients in the NBA,NFL, and NHL, and with such networks as Fox Sports Network in regions across the US. The platform does also have reach into the retail and pharmaceutical markets, and beyond TV networks. The platform specifically allows for mobile marketing campaigns to be set up and run that can pass along useful information to audiences, fans and customers. There are a variety of campaign types that can be set up that include alerts and subscriptions, contests and sweepstakes, voting and polling, and trivia, to name a few.

The mobile connection to audiences usually begins with a "call to action" that is not on the mobile platform itself. Instead the platform user will advertise an invitation to participate to their audience where they frequent such as traditional or digital signage in venues, arenas, highways, retail stores, or other means such as TV and radio commercials, magazine ads, etc. The mobile platform allows the user to communicate with its audience through the opt-in campaigns. The communication that usually transpires is by SMS (text messages). The text messages may also have WAP push links that launch WAP sites for the audience or fan to continue further interaction with.

Advertising and sponsorship can also be a part of the SMS messages or WAP sites that the Phizzle platform initiates. Thus, the Phizzle platform also serves as a mobile ad network for sports teams, TV networks, and local advertisers to converge and deliver targeted ads to their focused audiences. The platform establishes a mobile ecosystem as it provides intimate interaction for audiences and fans with their sports teams, brands, networks, and local advertisers.


The idea for Phizzle came about in late 2005 after Ben Davis sold a mobile game company that he helped found in 2004. The name "Phizzle" was chosen due to the futuristic nature of mobile phones and because it is slang for and a play on the word phone. After a platform build out in 2006 and 2007, Phizzle identified the Sports/Entertainment Industry as the prime market ready for the technology and began working with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2008. Since then, Phizzle has been bringing in other major professional sports teams and sports networks to facilitate reach to their audiences and fans across the US.


The Phizzle platform features the following capabilities and mobile campaign types: text2screen, subscription alerts, trivia games, mobile coupons, sweepstakes and contests, voting and polling, WAP sites, and campaign tracking and data tools. These features allow for real-time interaction with audiences and fans while on their mobile devices.


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