Ras Haile Malekot - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Artiste Ras Haile Malekot is the living embodiment of the Rastafarian way of life. Living in seclusion in Mount Debre Zeit, Kingston, Jamaica, He works as a part-time Craftsman, creating the unique items from woolen yarn for the local tourist trade. He also sells culturally significant items from Africa as well as making roots drinks such as his specialty, fig (stinking toe).

Malekot’s interest in Dub Poetry was stimulated by Mutabaruka’s inaugural Dub Poetry single “Don’t Give Up”. But what ultimately motivated him to try poetry was when his friend and Dub Poet Micheal Smith tragically died in Aug of 1981 in Stony Hill St. Andrew. Ever Since Ras Haile Malekot has made a career out of writing and performing lyrically potent Dub Poetry.

We met Malekot at his home in the hills and visited him regularly through the course of our journey. His absolute knowledge of the Rastafarian Culture and his meticulous on-camera explanations of everything related to the Jamaican way of life music and Rastafarian-ism make him one of the Enigmatic Voices of the film and an unforgettable persona of contagious charisma and integrity.

Ras Haile Malekot is a spiritual name given to him on becoming a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.