Rawtee - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

After kick-starting American label “Cymbalism Recordings” in 2004 and one self released vinyl, his sound caught the ear of Formation Records boss, DJ SS. Debuting on the widely played Reformatted EP, alongside Generation Dub and Nero, his track “Too Much Wine” took the scene by storm. Following up with the smashers “Vagabond” for the launch of SS’s World of Drum and Bass imprint, and “Jawbreaker” (Remixed by Zen) in 2005, cemented him as a major dancefloor talent. Moving forward saw the redevelopment of Total Science’s Fix recordings with Rawtee on board for 2 slamming singles featuring “Nausea” and “Audio Juice” for 2006-07. Now delivering his freshest content through Twisted Individual’s Grid and Zombie imprints, he continues to destroy floors across the globe with his unmistakable style. Also a skilled DJ, he promotes his productions with his punishing live sets spanning the US and Canada, including Winter Music Conference events such as WODNB and Metalheadz and has also been featured in Dj Mag and the May 2008 issue of Knowledge Magazine.

Known predominantly for his blazing Drum and Bass productions for labels like World of Drum and Bass, Reformed, Fix, Nemesis, Zombie and a multitude of popular dubplates, crossing over into the realm of dubstep was easy considering his penchant for twisted basslines. His remix of Germany’s dubstep pioneer Don Goliath’s “The Message” was a brilliant twist and garnered attention from the Dubstep community. He now releases his style of bass music on Real Recordings with the “Miami Boyz Ep” featuring 4 tracks with heavy support overseas and repeat plays on BBC’s 1Xtra program. With more releases in the pipeline, expect more dubstep and grime beats from this prolific producer.