Reagenz - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Reagenz means advanced technological sound innovations, oscillating low-flying cerebral frequencies, and random excursions across the jazz trip-wire perimeter of techno. Wistful, haunting, intoxicating, Reagenz say welcome to mental regeneration.Reagenz (the German word for “test-tube”) is a collaboration between Jonah Sharp (Space Time Continuum) and David Moufang aka Move D (and half of Deep Space Network). They recorded the first album, entitled “Reagenz” in both San Francisco and David’s native Heidelberg, Germany in 1994 after meeting before an early Autechre show in San Francisco. A mutual respect of each others record labels (David runs the excellent Source Records) and similarities in their approach to music making led to the pair collaborating and Reagenz was born. Recorded entirely on analog synths and sequenced without a computer, the album was released on both Reflective and Source Records and was immediately met with enthusiasm throughout the global electronic music community. The album was re-released in Japan in 2007 by Spiral Records in a series of classic 90’s electronica which included albums by Larry Heard, Kirk DeGiorgio, Ian O’Brien and Two Lone Swordsmen. In May 2008 they met up again, having not seen each other for 13 years, in Tokyo (coincidentally at an Autechre show!) and managed to spend four productive days in a studio owned by a Japanese analog synth collector which was packed with vintage synths and the like. They did another session in Heidelberg in Aug 2008 and performed their live debut at the Free Rotation Festival in the UK which managed to bring their new album to near completion. 2009 saw the duo gig at PS1 Summer Warm-up in NYC in July 09 along with Dan Bell, a headline slot at the Seattle Decibel Festival in Septemberr and a string of club dates on the West Coast. They also finished off the new album entitled “Playtime” which is released on Germany’s Workshop Records in November 2009.