RetConStruct - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Retroactive Continuity Construct

“To build anew and by doing so re-write history.”

RetConStruct is an Industrial/Aggrotech project based in the heart of Silicon Valley. RetConStruct is a sharp edged cacophony of hard electronic sounds - all brought together by the haunting vocals of Jill Organics. From fast-paced aggrotech club stompers to eerie industrial soundscape RetConStruct delivers Doomsday.

We tell the stories of catastrophic scientific attempts to open gates into hell and we chronicle our futile attempts to survive invasion by aggressive species. From messages of the horrors of demonic summoning to the destruction of worlds by their own dominant inhabitants RetConStruct will transmit electro-horror to your ears with technological precision.

Sythentics Division:

Guy Valdes - Composer, Producer

Organics Division:

Jill Valdes - Author, Narrator

First Audio Transmission:

Dear Doomsday - February 29, 2012