Schleprawk - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Schleprawk is the marriage of bad luck, booze, the weight we all carry, channeling angst into inspired aggression, and bastardized spewling.

What you’re listening to here are the raw recordings of a solo project made back in ’97, on a shoestring budget and never quite intended for public consumption. These are Demo recordings all conceived, created, performed, recorded, and mixed - on the most minimalist of equipment - by a single person (see Journal for more on that). We’re talking ‘woodshed’ product here.

Several months removed from human interaction (in an isolated 1Rm home), collided 29yrs of personal discovery, torment, betrayal, self-loathing, clandestine pain and mystifying morality – and squeezed it into a Fostex 4-track recorder.

The resulting intensity, hemorrhaging, and often suspect sanity, could only be diagnosed as a near fatal case of Internal Bleeding.

Ultimately, as played out on the final track (Finding My Way), a bewildered soul found healing in the process.

It should be noted, a dozen years since… it still hasn’t met its equal.