Seraphim System - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Seraphim System is the bastard child of noise and harmony.

Seraphim System’s debut powernoise / aggrotech / industrial album “Excessive Force” involves 11 hellish apocalyptic tracks of monstrous and aggressive mayhem. This reckless audio ushers in portraits of a dark, sinister future. These mechanical constructs of noise and harmony evoke images of a dark gothic-punk dystopia. These factory-fueled drums of war echo through abandoned warehouses in slums most police forces won’t venture and crescendo between decaying concrete monoliths.

Seraphim System was born in late 2005 between two rivethead kids (BL4KJ4K and B4TH0RY), pirated music software, and a shitty Dell laptop. Over the years it has evolved into the monster it is now - one rivethead kid, pirated music software, and a decent gaming computer used primarily for dungeon porno and trolling during online FPS Deathmatches.