Soul 'n' Soda - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Real Name: Markus Girrulat, Markus Drießen & Moritz Brumsack

Based in düsseldorf/germany soul soda released several e.p.’s and 12 inches on stereo deluxe records since 1999. a new deluxe 7inch e.p. featuring two new and two older unreleased tracks was released by backslide records in q3 2007 - which also contains the song that smart chooses for their 2007 television-advertisement “smart and the city”.

beside tons of radio and tv-plays you’ll find our tracks on several compilations around the world spreading from europe, us to japan. in the past 3 years we created a few indie-related soundtracks and rebuilt our sound to what is basic to us: breakbeats, dirt, electronics, melancholic melodies, percussion. while markus d is still diggin’ for dusty records/ samples all around the world, markus g keeps destroying his synthesizer equipment and creates unusual soundscapes + moritz searches for new fantastic guitar melodies to make it extra-hard to combine all those different styles into the typical soul soda sound. so … keep up breakin that music!