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The iFused World Media Group Unleashes ‘Solstice the Album’ - Musical Medicine for the Mind and Soul

August 20, 2007 - Press Dispensary - The iFused World Media Group (, a Wolverhampton-based independent record label launched by one of UK soul’s leading lights, Soul Sohpal, is launching its debut album, ‘Solstice the Album’. Fusing musical genres including pop, dance, hip hop and spoken word to encourage a meditative state, this powerful offering from iFused is available on CD and official iTunes release today.

Solstice the Album is intended to encourage the listener into an emotional and, possibly, spiritual journey. Says Soul Sohpal: “With this album, we are filling and redefining the niche in world music: it’s an inspiring piece of dance music, and lounge style too. Other influences extend to Latino, alternative, Jazz and R&B – basically, a blend of just about everything from the music industry as a whole, on a global scale.”

He adds: “The music we’re releasing encourages the listeners’ energies to fuse together, inspiring them to reach a peaceful sense of meditation and calmness, or even a palpable state of self realisation.”

‘Solstice - track 1’ is a combination of eastern and western orchestras, flamenco guitar and eastern slide guitar with powerful Tabla percussion. It is a huge, panoramic, instrumental piece ideal for film soundtracks, evoking Africa, India, the Middle and Far East.

‘More (16 bars one mic) - track 2’ is an international collaboration of rap artists, featuring seven rappers/MCs/grime artists from across the UK and US. Each have 16 bars bars to display their message about ‘More’, based around imagining “that you have everything - all that money and knowledge could buy”. The result is deep and social conversations of the artists’ souls, accompanied by Sophal’s musical backdrop of emotionally inspiring strings/violins, lined with powerful beats and an eastern/Arabic vocal chorus.

‘Feeling for Me for a Change - track 5’ combines a modern drum and bass style with a dance music rhythm, aligned with a deeply visual atmospheric bassline, which highlights the empathic talents of Syrona Marie and her individual vocal range - on a journey of self-realisation and being uplifted. This song was originally written by Sohpal to highlight the painful path that cancer sufferers must endure: it is about a facet of their recovery journey.

To date, Solstice the Album has attracted attention from 10 different countries, with copies being pre-ordered for radio play. It has also attracted attention from the BBC Radio 1 network.

iFused’s previous debut EP release, ‘Enlightenment the EP’, released on 25 January, 2007, caused a storm in the UK and US, winning critical acclaim from both sides of the ‘pond’ from the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine and, closer to home, The Birmingham Post.

Soul Sohpal, meanwhile, has been hailed as creating “an other worldly kind of R&B”. His musical style has been likened to Natasha Atlas, ‘Mezzanine’ era Massive Attack, and French rock icons of the early 70s including Serge Gainsbourg.

In producing Solstice the Album, the iFused World Media Group partnered with Soul & Mind ProductionsTM, Fused World Records/StudiosTM and DNA AyurvedaTM to release “medicine for the mind through music, and natural herbal medicinal knowledge for the body”.

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Notes for editors

Launched by Birmingham-born Soul Sohpal, 31, in January, 2007, the iFused World Media Group exists to “reach the individual’s soul and mind and inspire them to transcend from the daily routine of, perhaps, a mundane day”.

Sohpal has been described as: “A beacon of light in the UK soul scene – which is otherwise a stormy sea of irrelevance!” - Simon Harper, The Birmingham Post.

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Soul Sohpal , The iFused World Media Group

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