Targy - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Targy (born Dimitar Dimitrov) is one of the founders of H.M.S.U. He is one of those people that have always been focused in the hard sound -since their childhood. Coming from a hardcore and metawl background, Targy found himself involved with the nineties new wave of punk, that was really popular in Bulgaria back in ‘95 and until ’98.His musical journey took him through genres like TripHop, Jazz, AcidJazz, Ambient, Punk, Ska, HardCore and Metal. But even the hardest metal sound did not satisfy his thirst for bass. He was never satisfied by the sound he found until he found the Drum and Bass.

It’s how in 1999 he, together with Toma Sokoloff (acidtrip) founded Hard Music and Sounds United. The first step to the yet-to-come Bulgarian drum and bass massive is set with the first Open Air Drum and Bass Festival in 2001. As a manifest for young talent, the festival quickly becomes important event not only for Bulgaria, but for the region as a whole.

Targy is the leading producer of all H.M.S.U. events in between 2001 and 2004. He has taken part in nearly every single drum and bass event in the country, and has numerous

performancies in neighboring countries.

His style can be described as one of the heaviest TECHSTEP and HARDSTEP variations with a great deal of drill elements and metal vocals.

Targy has also recently started producing his own blend of drum and bass. Watch out for releases.

He took part in the London club The Horse Hospiral. On the drum’n’bass stage he has

performed together with names like GameOver(MK), DarkoStepic(MK), Psychofreud(Nor), Dj Zen(UK), Ray Keith(UK), Robyn Chaos (UK), Bryan Gee(UK) & Mc Darrison(UK), Future Prophecies(Nor), Proket(Prode, RUS), Adam Strang(AUT), Dark East Cru(RO).