The City Streets - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The City Streets were a Canadian independent rock and roll band from Edmonton, Alberta. After self-releasing their debut full-length These Things Happen in 2005, they followed with the critically acclaimed full-length Concentrated Living and supported the album with two North American tours in 2008.

"Concentrated Living" entered !earshot, Canada's national campus radio chart, at No. 44 in November and also received a record number of plays on CJSR-FM, Edmonton's campus radio station.

"The Jazz Age" is the band's third full length album was critically acclaimed after its June 2010 release. The album received a 4/5 star review from the influential Toronto weekly Eye Magazine.

Winter Lightning was recorded with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Godspeed You Black Emperor) at Hotel2Tango in Montreal and released simultaneously with 'Sawdust & Rum' which was recorded and produced by the band themselves in a cabin in Nova Scotia. Winter Lightning was released on vinyl and Sawdust & Rum on CD.

Other releases include the EP's 'Peacemaker' with Myrol and 'Decline of the West'.

The City Streets announced their breakup spring of 2013.



  • These Things Happen (2005)
  • Concentrated Living (2008)
  • The Jazz Age (2010)
  • Winter Lightning (2012)
  • Sawdust & Rum (2012)


Decline of the West (2011) Peacemaker (2011)

  • If You Don't Like the Clash You're A Bad Person (2006)
  • Movies Are For Retards 7" (2008)
  • The Hipster Cull (2009)

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