The Destroyer - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The Destroyer, the most violent demon in the Hardcore scene! His name is Pierpaolo Salamone, was born during the 1980 exactly in the 5th day of January in Enna (Italy).

When he was 13 years old, this young prodigy, started with his own first productions realized with his Commodore Amiga, and still now he continue using it to keep alive the old 8-bit sound! The D-Boy black Label felt the right vibe coming out from the Destroyer's tracks, and follow the first release for this Label entitled «Break your Speaker ep» in which you can find violent tracks that runs at 200BPM, others with screaming Sicilian samples. After this record, the Destroyer goes on evolving his skills and his knowledge, without yield to compromise, following his «Old Style» kind of Hardcore. On the D-Boy labels he signes others big successes like: «My Brain is Sick», «Khorona Nooo!!», »The Korrosive adventure», »You're like a toasted dork ep», «Mass of Shit ep »,» The Hardcore Healing »,» Total Hate ep »and« Neighbourhood ». These records show to you everything you need to know about the Destroyer's exclusive style: a mix of distorted and violent sounds and dark riffs. Most of those vocal samples that u can hear in his tracks are made usually by the Destroyer himself. These tracks are played during the biggest Hardcore events all over the world and they are a big part of the Italian Hardcore History. He was also the leader of the Head Fuck records with the following records realized for this label «The Crusher's trash», »Sicilian Antibitch ep», »The Destroyer's rmx collection», »The return ep» and «Prepare Yourself ep». The Destroyer's style is appreciated not only in italy, so you can find other records released in different labels like «Cunt Records», «Epileptik», «Terror Noize Industry», «Brutal Rage Records» and many more ...
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Pierpaolo is certainly the unquestionable leader of the Italian Speedcore, and these words are confirmed with his devastating Live Act, that he brings all over the world!