The Feeling United - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The name really does say it all. The Feeling United is a Toronto-based modern rock four-piece whose genuine camaraderie and positive internal chemistry seems destined to take them far.

The roots of The Feeling United can actually be traced back to a Blur concert in Kitchener in 1996. That’s where the band’s two writers and singers, Brendan and guitarist Nicholas Porter, then still teenagers, first met. “I remember sitting in the back seat on the way back, chatting and going ‘you play guitar? So do I,’” recalls Nicholas.

The dynamic duo became fast friends, playing and recording songs together, before taking divergent routes. “We actually had a bit of a falling out, and then, to mend a bridge, we decided to help each other out on our solo stuff,” says Porter. “About halfway through, we were having a drink, and both went, ‘what the f*** are we doing?’ Why don’t we do this as a joint album?’” “We were doing double work for half gain,” adds Michie.

Their different musical skills (Brendan on keyboards and guitar, Nick on guitar) meshed perfectly, so forming a band together was the next logical step. In 2003, High Water Mark was launched, a group that made its own mark on the Toronto scene, attracting large crowds to such clubs as the El Mocambo and The Rivoli. That group disbanded when, according to Brendan, “Nick and I realized we had to go with people more on our wavelength. That’s when bassist Gary Toporoski and John came along.”

*Information found on the CD Baby site*