The Others - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

There are at least 16 artists / groups that go by the name of The Others: 1.)The Others is UK dubstep producer D-code, previously a duo consisting of D-Code and DeXterious. Although the group is relatively new, they’ve released on renowned labels like Dub Police, Tempa, Wheel & Deal, Boka, and VeriLo, and have featured on a number of high-profile dubstep mixes, most notable being their mix with Roguestar for МИШКА NYC. They first appeared on the scene with their track Africa on Caspa’s Dub Police label in 2007, and have since made a name for themselves with the track Africa VIP, which still receives heavy DJ- and air-play. In 2010, they released their Gravity EP, whose dubplates have been dropped by every big name in the scene from N-Type to Mary Anne Hobbs. Currently the name “The Others” is only used by D-code, under which he has released his album Red Planet on Dub Police 2.) Infamous British indie rock band led by the charismatic Dominic Masters (with Johnny Others, Jimmy Lager, Eddie Darko and Joe Gardiner-Lowe). Discovered by Alan McGee, they have released 9 singles and two albums (The Others, Inward Parts) between 2004 and the present day, including three UK top 40 hits(Stan Bowles, William, Lackey), released on Universal and Lime Records. On Christmas Eve 2012 the band gave away (Demos For) The Others’ 3rd album, “Songs For The Disillusioned” which were recorded in Dec 2011. The story was picked up by NME.COM here: as well as numerous European press. Used as basis for The Others 1st Single in 4 years; the double A Side - Hardly Know Me/I’ll Keep You Safe, two tracks were polished up and released digitally on I-Tunes to coincide with the bands April/May 2012 tour and can still be purchased via this link: The fully polished, overdubbed and mastered third album, will receive a limited physical release in 2013. It will be the band’s 3rd album following their self titled debut and 2nd album “Inward Parts”. In February 2013, it was reported on Digitalspy that the band will offer fans a free download package for every month of 2013. A message from the band said: “After all the interest we received in terms of downloads/plays/streams of the demo album, we thought it would be nice for people to be able to hear how two of the songs had already developed from those skeletal 2011 demos.” For further information: facebook 3.) A cover side-project by the members of the finnish rock band 22-Pistepirkko. Their debut album under this name, titled Monochromeset, was released on May 31, 2006 and it features the band covering among others Jody Reynolds, Link Wray and The Kinks. 4.) The Others were a fab garage band in the Sixties. From [USA Lancaster-Palmdale, California] 5.) A Belgian punkrock band that started out back in 2002. They started playing just for pleasure and to kill the time. At the moment they are playing with a great passion for music. 6.)A hip-hop formation by Johnny Madwreck (MC/producer), Mr. Mattic (MC), and DR (DJ/producer) and they released their album ‘Past Futuristic’ in 2004 on Third Earth Music. 7.) Others are a horror punk band from Binghampton, New York, USA. Band Members Current lineup: Mistress Jessica - Vocals M.A.D. - Guitars / Vocals Dano Voodie - Bass Mr. Webb - Percussion 8.) An indie pop band from Easthampton, Massachusetts that writes songs about the tv-series LOST. 9.) Russian mega-popular progressive gothic emo-rock band with hard-gop, r’n’b and love metal influences from Moscow. Current band members: Yuri Aleshin aka Keno - vocals, lyrics Nikolay Aleshin aka Nlk - solo guitar, rhythm guitar, music Aldar Mutulov aka Natas - bass Yuri Kondratyev aka Pups - drums 10.) The Others, from Romania, technically are a mix of 2 sexy genres, funk and jazz, seasoned with a psychedelic sound and welded together by their unmistakable trademark, the groove. Band members : Petra Acker - voice, guitar Michael Acker - bass Victor Stoica - guitar Alex Munteanu - sax, blockfloete Flavius Ardelean - drums. 11.) An emo band from Dale City, Va who were on magic bullet 12.) The collaboration between two tech-house monsters Bruno Pronsato and Daze Maxim 14.) A hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia. 15) US Garage from Rhode Island (not to be confused with the one from California) 16) British Richmond Sound garage band in the vein of the Yardbirds that played in Hampton, but only recorded one 45, a scorching cover of Bo Diddley’s “Oh Yeah” in 1964. The record today is a collector’s item. Brian May of Queen was a schoolmate of the group and a big fan, and his first group, 1984 (a/k/a Smile) would often cover original songs by The Others.