The S1nd1cate - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

THE S1ND1CATE has had its Music placed on ESPN, FOX SPORTS, THE SPEED CHANNEL, HARPER'S ISLAND, NASH BRIDGES and the horror movie KILLHOUSE. Amongst international album sales in the thousands and National Tours, THE S1ND1CATE stays 100% independent - without any Record Label / Management ties. ............ Exploding from the Pacific Northwest, THE S1ND1CATE is a force to be reckoned with. Mixing elements of industrial, acid, punk, metal, break beat, new wave, drum / bass, and trance; these pioneers of the new hybrid sound are winning a rabid fan base one sold out show at a time. .... The duo consists of VERT S1N throwing down layers of beats, loops, samples, guitar, and various audio terrorism while MIKE LEE throws his punk rock snarl and 'go big or go home' attitude into the mix. Taking influence from KMFDM, Rob Zombie, The Crystal Method, The Sex Pistols, Rammstein, Static-X, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper and The Prodigy-THE S1ND1CATE'S music showcases a unique blend of electronic, urban, and rock that is both tough and catchy; a sound unheard of in any scene. .... As the popularity of this self-contained unit continues to propel itself, THE S1ND1CATE stays close to its roots. The band has an energy and an excitement amongst fans that is hard to achieve and impossible to duplicate. Sold out underground performances at metal shows, warehouse raves, top 40 dance clubs, and goth / industrial hangouts show the diversity of this unusual and incredible group. From Goths to "Gangstas" to Ravers and metal / punk kids; they have all found themselves caught up in the pit / dance floor together as THE S1ND1CATE always pack their shows with the most eclectic mix of scenesters. .... As the buzz around the bands popularity grows, THE S1ND1CATE is ready to take their act nationally. The time is now .... THE S1ND1CATE runs things .... Welcome To The Machine.

In the future, everyone's for sale .... After the stock market crash disables America's economy; privately owned corporations step in as the crutch for reform. Big business merges, with a simple entity called 'The Company' taking full control of the nation's resources and military. Ignoring human rights and international law, The Company erects its own puppet CEO as acting American president - and watches profit margins soar. .... As the working class suburbs of the country gradually dissolve into ghettos, children are removed and educated by The Company; programmed into mindless drones with two objectives - maximum efficiency and maximum accuracy. The Company itself is run by a mysterious board of directors and by a supernatural figurehead referred to as 'The Man.' Rebellions are crushed, revolutionaries destroyed; The Companies control over civilization rains terror and fear over the nation's citizens. .... Enter, Mike Lee. Worker bee for The Company - successful, educated and completely devoid of apathy for his countries situations. Programmed by The Company from a young age, Mike is awoken to the reality of the corporation he works for through a chance encounter with a young radical named Vert S1n. Vert, hidden from the tainted educational process of The Company - grew up on the streets fighting the establishment. The ultimate rebel with a cause - Vert S1n converts Mike Lee into fighting against The Company, and its personification of evil - The Man. .... Mike Lee and Vert S1n recruit a large gang of fellow-minded individuals - young men and women disassociated with their communities, wanting to change their national systems and their local environments. Through a complicated network of underground and pirated technology, Mike Lee and Vert S1n plot and execute acts of random destruction against The Company and its immoral employees. .... As the backlash of violence increases from The Company, Mike Lee and Vert S1n fall victim to the personal loss of family, friends and their surroundings at the merciless hands of The Company. Constantly being targeted for elimination by The Man - our heroes flee deeper underground to head the revolution they have begun. Donning symbols and imagery, the underground gang founded by Mike Lee and Vert S1n adopt the title of 'The S1nd1cate,' and continue their battle against oppression. .... The S1nd1cate is currently recruiting new revolutionaries, willing to fight against the cruelty of The Company, and the tyranny of The Man. People upset with their current surroundings who are interested in fighting against the corporate stranglehold - should contact The S1nd1cate through their regular insurrection rallies. These rallies occur in the form of musical performances by The S1nd1cate throughout the Nation. .... The Time is Now .... Wake Up and Smell the Future.

VERT S1N: Prodigy, 30 Seconds to Mars, Alice in Chains, NIN, KMFDM, Lords Of Acid, Crystal Method - MIKE LEE: Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Falco, Andrew WK, David Bowie, Oingo Boingo, Elvis Presley .... The S1nd1cate has had the pleasure to share a stage with the following bands: Mankind is Obsolete (CA), Ikonoklast (AZ ), Cylab (WA), Redemption (UT), The Slants (OR), Uglyhead (WA), Dawn of Ashes (CA), The Skullcrows (CO), Wombstretcha (OR), Burn Halo (CA), Smile Empty Soul (CA), The Captains of Industry (CA), Slick Idiot (NV), Destrophy (IA), Powerman 5000 (MA) .... and many, many other bands that aren't worth mentioning.
[Br ] Members:
MIKE LEE - Lead Vocals, Samples
VERT S1N - Programming, Beats, Synths, Guitar, Bass

Live Members:
DR. K - Bass Guitar
MR. FULFER - Drums / Percussion

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