The Spats - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Spats were a New Zealand band (1977–79). Members included Fane Flaws, Peter Dasent, Bruno Lawrence and Tony Backhouse. Spats worked with the Limbs Dance Company, a contemporary dance company based in New Zealand. One piece was called New Wave Goodbye.

Other bands of that name

  • The Spats was also the name of a California band (1964–68) that included members: Dick Johnson (vocalist), Bud Johnson (rhythm guitar), Ron Johnson (bass), Mike Sulsona (drums), Chuck Scott aka Charles Irving Showalter (1946-2008) (piano), Bob Dennis (saxophone), Myron Carpino (1947-2009) (lead guitar), and later Doug Rhodes (tuba and keyboards on: "Scooby Doo" and "She Done Moved"). They were signed to ABC Paramount Records and released an LP and several singles including "Gator Tails and Monkey Ribs" (written by Alonzo B. Willis). Other members were lead guitarist Gregg De Lorto who was also the youngest to ever join the band; and, toward the end David Amaro replaced Gregg on the lead guitar, when Gregg decided on an entirely different direction for his music. When Bud was drafted in 1968, Stephen Anderson joined on the rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Grant Martyn aka Donald G. Martyn (1949-2005) replaced Doug Rhodes on the keyboard and provided vocals. Rick Grissinger replaced Mike Sulsona in 1966 and played with the band until the end.

In addition to their steady weekly live appearances at many different venues throughout Southern California, The Spats also appeared on local TV and radio programs, including Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Shindig, Sam Riddle Show, 9th Street West, Shebang with Casey Kasem, and on November 6, 1967 they appeared on the Andy Williams special, Love, Andy. They were also in an episode of My Mother the Car. No doubt, thanks to their Official The Spats Fan Club, “She Done Moved” was the number one requested song on KRLA. Their crowd pleasing clean cut look and trademark spats made them a Disneyland favorite. In 1967, they were the guest band at the grand opening of Disneyland's New Tomorrowland Terrace and the first band to perform on its elevator stage.

The Johnson brothers comprised the core of the band and they performed under three other names before officially becoming The Spats on June 18, 1964. Previous band names included: Nomads (1962), Temptations (1963), and The Dick Johnson Sextet (1964). The band members were snappy dressers. While clothes shopping one day they spotted a pair of spats which eventually became their trademark and band name until the band dissolved in late 1968 due to so many of its members being drafted.

  • The Spats was also the name of a band based in Toronto, Canada that evolved to The Paupers.