The Sweethearts - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

There is more than one artist with this name.

1. The Sweethearts aren’t trying to capture a sound or chase a trend. They just play the music that drives them: catchy, buzz-saw punk with a nod to garage rock and the girl groups of the 1960’s.

“I’d think it would be tough to combine solid Texas rock’n’roll with Nikki Corvette-style bubblegum vocals, but The Sweethearts blend them together seamlessly. The songs rock and make me want to sing along, and that’s a good combination. …comes across like the best of The Chubbies, or an Eyeliners live set when they are really on. Its good shit.”

~ Razorcake

“They are young, full of gusto and hell-bent on cranking it up and loud and just blasting it”

~Now Wave Magazine.

The songs are full of heart and heartbreak, dreaming and drinking, being young, dumb, and just having fun. The Sweethearts debut album, L.U.V., was released on Mortville Records in 2003. It is currently out of print.

The Sweethearts released their second album,”Looks Could Kill” on Mortville Records in 2005 and are currently in the studio working on a third.

“…the Sweethearts’ punk-flavored portrayal of the raw-nerve period between the first broken heart and the onset of cynical scar tissue is positively earnest.”

~Greg Beets, The Austin Chronicle

2. A pop band featuring members of Greatest Hits on Olde English Spelling Bee.