The Teknoist - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи


This is me, i hate writing this crap so il keep it brief. I run Ninja Columbo (with the direct distribution of HardVision / TripleVision). I write 'music' and play 'live' quite alot.

My discography (most of it atleast by the time of typing this) is here: 2C + The

Iv released on labels like Deathchant, Ad Noiseam, Planet Mu, Peace Off, Deathsucker, Sustained, Rebel Scum to name a few and iv got a heap of other records waiting to be released on other kick arse labels too haha.

I dont just write core kind of music, i write alot of other stuff thats also either going to be out on other labels but mainly on either of the new Ninja Columbo mp3 labels. I write various forms of non hardcore 'techno' under the name 'The Teknoists Fyerhammer Project' ... like youd think it wasnt me eh?

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